Monday, September 28, 2009


i L0ve this things..huhu...this formula solve a l0t of calculati0ns..especially in my engineering skills...wh0a....miss it s0 much

Stress-->The intensity of internally distributed forces experienced within the pavement structure at various points. Stress has units of force per unit area (N/m2, Pa or psi).
Strain--> The unit displacement due to stress, usually expressed as a ratio of the change in dimension to the original dimension (mm/mm or in/in). Since the strains in pavements are very small, they are normally expressed in terms of microstrain (10-6).
Deflection--> The linear change in a dimension. Deflection is expressed in units of length (mm or µm or inches or mils).

hmmm....if the deflection go higher,the stress also get the input of it.And it gonna be failed...
feel like wanna write an e-b00k 0n these stuff...
t0 be c0nt....
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  1. tudiaaa...
    belajaq tegasan la pulak...
    ini subjek antara yg sy paling takuiiittt

  2. ap0 blaja teramat suka ini subject...dan sy apply ini dalam kerja sy yg terdahulu...nanti sy akan p0st yg lagi best...CikLidey tak payah takut2...WHATEVER THE MIND CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE,THE MIND CAN ACHIEVE...yakin b0leh!!Caiy0k2!!